The Sheyana Band

Touring in Australia in 2017, The Sheyana Band is releasing a new album which will marry contemporary Folk/Rock/Soul/Pop tones with Country Blues & Roots influences.

The musical melting pot Sheyana was born into has left a profound mark on the singer-songwriter allowing her to blend and create a sound that is as strong and emotive as it is accessible.The recent success with their latest single, ‘Keep the Change’ and the chemistry she has with her current team has motivated Sheyana to get back on the horse and into songwriting mode and pull out some of her best work yet, inspired by longtime band mates (guitarist & co-producer of previous EP-‘’Sweet Honesty’) – Scott Mainwaring, (bassist) – Dan Jeffrey, & recent member & co-producer of their latest EP, ‘Keep the Change’, (drummer) – Beau Thomas. Their latest EP features guest appearances from the sensational King Cake keyboard player – Randal Muir.

Currently working together on the next chapter, the band are in the making of a new album, producing some rocking tunes and soul deep ballads with their trademark hook lines and catchy riffs. This fresh, challenging body of work with its soulful storytelling & infectious grooves translates very well from album to live performance which will be a treat for the band and their fans.